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Adopt an orange tree (Valencia)

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We plant an orange tree for you in our orchard in Bétera, the heart of the province of Valencia

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Clemenules Tangerines

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From 14,88€

Considered to be the best tangerines.

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Tango Gold Tangerines

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From 15,96€

Premium tangerines, seedless, and easy to peel. You'll love them!!

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Tango MINI tangerines

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Tango mini tangerines, seedless and easy to peel. You'll love them!!

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Tango Gold Tangerines

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From 15,96€

Premium tangerines, seedless, and easy to peel. You'll love them!!

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Clemenvilla mandarins

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Considered to be the best tangerines.

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We ask again: Do you want to buy high-quality tangerines? We are already sure your answer is yes. Therefore, welcome to our online store, Naranjas Daniel.
What are you going to find here? You will find a unique selection of quality tangerines that will take your palate to the tangerine orchards of Valencia.
We harvest tangerines from our fields located in the small town of Bétera, in the province of Valencia. In a farm that has been passed on from father to son for many generations. We are very fond of our land. We take care of it and the environment aswell as protect it and the environment.
Our tangerines grow free on our trees without the need for chemical treatments. They are completely natural. Buy our mandarins to check it out four yourself. We are also eager to hear your thoughts and opinions. You can also buy our oranges, just as tasty as our tangerines.
Buying tangerines in our online store means that you will be able to taste their soft and sweet segments. You can order our tangerines online, it is really easy, as easy as peeling them.
In addition, all of our tangerine varieties are seedless. They are ideal for the entire family, especially for the little ones of the house, those who still resist eating fruits. We are talking about fresh and exquisite food.
When you buy tangerines online you need the guarantee that they will arrive directly from the tree to your house, directly from the farmer to your table in just 24 hours.
We will receive your order and harvest them directly from our trees, so that they arrive with all their aroma and flavor. You'll sense how your taste buds enjoy.


In our online store, you will find clemenule tangerines and Tango Gold tangerines.
As for the clemenule variety, we can tell you that it is one of the most appreciated. It has a very fine skin. Peeling it with your hands is very easy. It is very sweet, it has a lot of juice and you will not find seeds. Each tangerine weighs around 100 grams and its collection date is between November 1 and February 15.
As for Tango Gold, we can tell you that it is a premium tangerine, it will be just as easy to peel as the clemenule variety and it does not have seeds either. It is somewhat smaller in size than clemenules but with an equally delicious flavor. Its harvest season is between January 15 and March 15.


Buying tangerines online has many advantages. No matter how far away you are, you can always savor the exquisite flavor of the traditional Valencian tangerines. 90 percent of the tangerines and oranges consumed in Spain come from Valencia. Why not take advantage of the opportunity of enjoying them if we promise to deliver them to your home in just 24 hours?
Another great advantage of buying tangerines online is that our store is open 24 hours a day. You can make the order whenever you want. We pick it up and get to work to get deliver the tangerines in record time.
Of course, a great advantage is that you do not have to go to the supermarket or your usual grocery store and carry weight. Our transport service delivers them to your home so that you don´t have to make any effort.
Another advantage of buying tangerines online is that you will get them at your home and at a fair price. You can check out that we sell tangerines at a cheap price, but the truth is that we believe that we sell them at the right, fair, price.


The mandarin is a citrus fruit just like the orange. And therefore you can benefit from all its important properties. Your health and that of your loved ones will surely thank you for it.
The World Health Organization says that you have to eat fruit. At least five pieces a day.
Do you eat five pieces a day? We recommend you and your family that you do, especially if you have children because fruit helps with their development. Let's learn about some of the properties of the tangerine:

  • They help with digestion. Eat tangerines after lunch or dinner to help with digestion issues.
  • Aid your immune system, they boost your defenses
  • Great for fighting obesity
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant effect to take care of all the cells of your body
  • Combat liquid retention
  • Effective soldier to fight against all types of infections
  • Very suitable for people who are following a weight loss diet

And, of course, we are not going to dwell on the large amount of vitamin C they provide.
All of this was what we wanted to tell you about our Valencian tangerines. We have told you all the advantages of buying tangerines online. We can only tell you that if you have any questions, please do ask us, you just have to pick up the phone and call us or write us an email. We are at your entire disposal and our response will be lightning fast.

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